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Our Services - What we offer

Our services are designed to help you achieve your financial goals by enabling you to accumulate & manage wealth, protect yourself & family, retire on your terms, and live a richer life. 

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The two types of services we offer are:

1) Financial Planning, generally for a fixed fee which depends on your needs, and

2) Investment Management, for a percentage of client assets under management (AUM.)  

While we recommend using these services together, they can be used separately as well.

Financial Planning services

During our comprehensive financial planning process, we sit down with our clients to gather relevant information about their financial situation and life goals.  With that information, we prepare a comprehensive package of recommendations tailored to each individual.  This plan covers the major areas including:

1) Cash flow (incomes and expenses)

2) Retirement planning (IRAs, 401ks, when to take social security, will your retirement savings last, how to retire early)

3) Insurance analysis (how to protect yourself & family, how much coverage you need, how you can save on insurance or cut what you don’t need)

4) Investing (asset allocation and appropriate investment choices given your time horizon and risk tolerance)

5) Banking, savings, and debt management (how to get the most out of banks, lowering ‘bad’ debt levels and interest rates, whether to pay off debt or invest)

6) Education funding (investing for college, 529 plans, pre-paid tuition, Coverdell Education Savings Accounts, UGMA/UTMA)

7) Income tax planning (how to pay less taxes through tax-advantaged accounts and investments)

8 ) Estate planning (Wills, Living Wills (medical power of attorney), trusts, estate taxes)

Investment Management services

Choose Green Lake Financial Partners to manage your investment portfolio.  We are an independent Advisor and receive payments solely from our clients, not from Wall Street, expensive mutual funds, or insurance sellers.  This allows us to survey the entire investment landscape of stocks, bonds, and other investments to find the best choices for your portfolio. 

We keep your costs low and your assets appropriately allocated & diversified to help you meet your goals.  We monitor your portfolio continually and make periodic changes corresponding with your age, changing circumstances, finances, goals, and our assessment of potential investment options.

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